Achieving Customer Experience Excellence in Real Estate through Omnichannel Success

In a highly competitive real estate market where customers have abundant options to choose from, delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) is paramount. The quality of service and engagement influences all aspects of buying behaviour, purchase decisions, and brand loyalty. Therefore, real estate businesses must establish a strong online presence and actively engage with their customers through various communication channels, tailored to their preferences and ensuring their comfort.

To discuss how Embassy Group, a leading development firm in real estate, orchestrated a customer journey that fosters improved communication and collaboration, Chirag Boonlia, Group CTO, Embassy Group engages in a dialogue with Pawan Kumar Durbha, Sr. Manager-Research, Mosaic Digital. 

Chirag Boonlia believes that an integral aspect of customer experience in this sector is the expectation for prospective buyers to have a firsthand experience or visual representation of the property, including insights into the surrounding area, community, and amenities — prior to making a decision.  Additionally, customers anticipate a smooth and uncomplicated purchase journey, from the initial stages to the finalization of their transaction. 

To achieve information asymmetry and customized solutions, there should be a seamless collaboration with technology partners. With Ozonetel, Embassy Group could successfully leverage cloud technology and omnichannel communication to actively engage customers at crucial touchpoints, foster trust, and create exceptional experiences throughout their home-buying journey.

Furthermore, Chirag Boonlia joined the company five years ago and had the opportunity to collaborate with Ozonetel to develop a comprehensive unified communication system. This initiative aimed to accelerate digital transformation, considering the evolving preferences of today's customers who desire information accessible on their own terms, at their preferred time, location, and device.

He emphasized the importance of having a unified solution and shared his experience of working towards achieving this in the real estate industry. They successfully created a cohesive solution that integrated with their CRM systems, providing a 360-degree view of the entire process. He also expressed satisfaction in their integration with Truecaller, which was like a blue tick on Twitter. 

Next, Pawan Kumar Durbha pointed out that the idea of selling physical real estate through a digital channel was something that nobody would have imagined. How does his company gauge the success of this approach? In response, Chirag Boonlia explained that they have established a comprehensive contact center, which serves as the cornerstone of their operations. All aspects of their strategy revolve around this foundation, ensuring effective communication and customer support. To summarize the conversation, he expressed his anticipation for many more such innovative collaborations with Ozonetel in the future.